Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Expanding my Organic Garden

                                          Finished product!!! 

This took almost a month to prepare. I am going to share the steps to my expanded

I used this organic dirt to fill my old garden beds and my new 12' by 4' .
 I needed 10 more organic bags.


We cut out 12' 4' area in the yard. It sat for a week and the weeds started to come out. I wanted this so I could use the black material over it to help kill the weeds naturally with the hot sun.
I bought this black material from Big Lots for $6. This is a special material that will help kill the 
weeds under it. The sun beat down on this for a week until I put the new dirt on the top. The top soil rests for a few days. (thats just what I like to do , no scientific data on that)

                             In the meantime I started my organic seedlings in organic soil.(carrots,beans,lettuce,cucumbers) I was SO excited to find organic plants at Whole Foods. Not ALL Whole Foods have them.  I found Bok Joi, peppers, Basil, radishes, beets, cucumbers, artichokes and zucchini. Before I knew Whole Foods was selling organic plants I bought 2 tomato plants from Home Depot. I planted some flowers that are a natural bug deterrent. I have ordered asparagus from a catalog. (link below) I don't know a lot about growing asparagus but excited to learn.

I will keep you up with the progress of my garden and post more pictures as it matures.
I have SO much room in my garden now and so excited to fill it up. 
What are you planting in your garden?

Bought my raised bed from:

I also buy seeds and other supplies from: 
Home Depot
Big Lots