Friday, April 27, 2012

Hi ya'll,
I am SO impressed with this next "set" of photos of art work and bulletin board ideas. I was especially moved by the way the teachers have motivated their student to be so creative! The school district, LAUSD that I work in has MANY problems, BUT when I listen to teachers talk about their classes and students, I am amazed. The teachers put their own money,extra time,effort,love and expertise into their jobs daily. I have not come across one teacher who is not totally dedicated to the children.  They ALL  REALLY care about  our  children. I can't help but  feel proud to be a part , in some small way, of LAUSD.
Many "Kudos" to you all. Thanks for letting me show your work!

 Kinder painting...they price them for parents,LOL.
3rd,  LOVE how these turned out!

This is the MOST amazing math project for 2nd grade. Put the multiplication problem in the mouth and the answer comes out the bottom. This teacher had a hard time with math as a child and really understands the students. She found this fun way to teach her students. (there is a construction paper inside that lets the card slide down)

Kinder , What's inside your body.

 Teachers do a complete unit on "Discover the Ocean".

Chinese dragons, can you believe this is from Kinder!!! and watch some of my music  lessons on You Tube!!
I have so many examples that I couldn't fit them all in this blog. Keep coming back because I have more coming later.

Have a GREAT weekend!

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

April showers bring May flowers!
Teachers are preparing for open house. SO ...I have some really great boards and art pieces this week!

Inspired by "Sunflowers"  Vincent Van Gogh, 2nd grade

This door decor was done by the schools  "Ready
Set Go" before school program. These ladies are going
to school to be teachers! They REALLY go the extra
mile to do crafts and boards for the children!

Graphing, Who is afraid of bugs???Lady Bug Glyph.
"Have you ever caught a ladybug?"
Two different ways to do the glyph!

Teaching bugs!! Contraction Caterpillars. 1st grade

Such a creative board. The class will be visiting the tide pools on their next field trip!

Earth day project! 4th grade
California 4th grade Missions project. The report....

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Monday, April 16, 2012


Board ideas and crafts!
I can't believe how many wonderful teachers there are at LAUSD. They have let me in their
wonderful rooms to show "YOU all" some of the hard work they have been doing with their students.

The teacher told me he does a summer , winter , spring and fall craft using the tree theme.(KDG)

Cool frogs~~
Reading Rainbow, as they read they climb the rainbow.

This teacher told me Kdg. LOVE cutting pieces and gluing them down into a SPRING scene

 Seeds!! Planting!!! Growing!!!

The leaves will turn into the color of the water.
The teacher told me this is an OLD thing teachers
do. Children LOVE watching the celery turn colors.

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Happy Monday!!!
Students have been asking me to post Dynamite! Here it is!!!
Notes are below.

Here is the fingering chart for all of the notes. If you want a copy of this please drag to your desktop and copy. :)      This will help with ANY songs you wanna play.
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Thursday, April 12, 2012

LOVE ,LOVE, the  Peterson Automotive Museum. This could be a fun "field trip" with the kiddo's or 
The Batmobile!!
a vacation stop while in LA.  It is right across the street from  LACMA.

Hooray for Hollywood cars!

LOVE bug car and Magnum P.I. car.

It's a MAD,MAD, Mad World car.

Grease Lightning car

Hope you enjoyed this blog.
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