Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Welcome !

So excited to show you all some of the great art that the classes in school have been doing.

This was from a pre-school class! The students have a choice of three different vases and three ways to paint. They could use a sponge, paint brush, or fingers. The teacher cuts out the vase when they are finished painting and pastes it onto a larger paper.  The teacher draws the stems and leaves.  Great spring project!

 This monkey was used for Kinder Valentines day …but its a cute little monkey to be used anytime. Pre-school, this project can go with" Monkeys Jumping on the Bed ", song. 
 Pre-school colors. You can buy the colored candy after Valentines day 1/2 off!!
 Dads hand and our little ones hand. Then take a picture of them and place on the sheet.

 Board idea! Winter tree, with snowflakes, gloves and this cute little snow man!

 Easy- paper plate, punch out dots,cotton, carrot nose, hat and bow(if you want)
 LOVE these Chinese lanterns!! 

 Math fractions for 2nd/3rd graders.

Music Board idea for St. Patricks Day!
Musical pot of Gold! The NOTES!
Rainbow of Notes!

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Do you have an Instagram hashtag so I can credit you for the Fraction Sundae template?