Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Garden in Full Bloom,( with a little help from my friends.)

Zucchini, green beans, tomatoes, Bok Choi, green peppers, cucumbers.
I've had a difficult time with the cucumbers this year.  My sister in law said , I am not to plant next to the zucchini. SO , I bought plants instead of seed this time and planted them in 3 different places to see where they will bloom.  Pictures below.
                        When I first started the garden the grand kids were around. Such a fun experience.

   Raspberries...they look nice here, but I don't get a big harvest. Maybe its too hot?                                      
                                                 Do you grow Raspberries??
                                                 How is it going for you???
Some of the harvest, it's SO colorful.

 I cover the tomatoes with a net to keep birds and critters away.

                   If you look closely there is a bee in the flower. Bees are SO important to a garden.
                          On my second and third try.....the cucumbers are finally growing.
             Lettuce took awhile to catch on , they are doing well now. They HATE the heat in So.Cal.
            Basil is really going crazy now. I love Caprese Salad, fresh tomatoes, basil and mozzarella.
                                I make sure to snip off the flower on the basil so it keeps growing tall.    
                          #2 area- I put MORE cucumbers around the yard. Determined to have them grow.
                                                        YAY! I have one pear!!
                                              Who's been eating my grapes!! UGH!!!
             What should I do...??? Any suggestions! I may just put a net over these too!
                                                     My beautiful little helper.
         She makes sure she waters the garden in her cute little scarf dress from her other Nana.

                    Hangin' by the garden. Great lessons in growing for the children.
 My grandson LOVES to help grandma pick the "bad boys' or weeds. He is digging
                                                         the digging!!

Hope you enjoyed the pictorial of my garden and family. Have a wonderful full harvest summer!