Saturday, March 9, 2013

Spring at the Getty,LA- with the family.

I LOVE the Getty, LA.  They are having a special viewing of " The Women in Blue Reading a Letter" 
This will only be there until the end of March. So ...of course ...I HAD to make it over to the Getty to see this beautiful painting, on loan from Amsterdam.
I studied this when I was in art school and never thought I would see it. I think that is why I was filled with emotion when I got to see it in person. 
 It was smaller than I had imagined, still thrilling.

The light is coming from a window you can't see, but you know is there! I wonder what she is so intent on reading? 

The MOST famous painting at the Getty is the , Irises, by Vincent van Gogh 1889
Ballet Dancer-  Edgar Degas 
Waiting- Edgar Degas, about 1882

The Milliners- Edgar Degas

Young Italian Women at a table- Paul Cezanne , French about 1895

title unknown- La Promenade- Renoir- 1841-1919

Wheatstacks,snow effect, morning- Claude Monet, French Impressionist-1891

The Portal of Rouen Cathedral in the morning light- Claude Monet-1894
" Everything changes, even stone" -Claude Monet
Spring- 1894- Laurence Alma-Tadema  1836-1912

beautiful detail
View of the Grand Canal and the Dogana- Bernardo Bellotto- about 1740

The BEST part of the trip was being able to spend time with my children and husband. We made a day of it. Church, with my husband and daughter singing " The Prayer", lunch, Getty and dinner. Perfect day!!

Byron and Rachel Talbott
  If you don't want to be a grump...make it to the Getty, LA
The gardens, surrounded by water!

Friday, March 1, 2013

NAMM show 2013

                                   NAMM 2013

My husband and I go to the Namm show every year.  It's great to see all the new instruments, friends, and have a couple of coffees! We walk around and visit the many booths.

 My husband is a sax player and Yamaha sponsors him. SO...our first stop is the Yamaha division.
We visit with a friend from many years ago that now works for Yamaha.  Good times!

 Amazing display of strings!

Woodwinds  and Brass galore!


 My fav display are the Daisy Rock guitars for girls. Such a great way to inspire girls to start playing seriously. These guitars are studio quality.

 Alfred music sent me a free copy of both of these guitar method books. One for the girls and one for the guys.  I am so excited to be teaching beginning guitar to about 30 students. These books have been so helpful.  ALSO love that I get to teach them "Stairway to Heaven"and "Ode to Joy". I got an app for my iPhone so I can tune all of the guitars. I really suggest this to assist in tuning your guitars.

  A WALL of amps....a sneak smile :)

More percussion instruments than you have EVER seen!

 They had tons of recorders in every color. I loved this one.

Support your local music store when buying instruments, books, and misc music supplies.
 In my area are Sam Ash,Guitar Center, and Baxter Northrup.

Smile and the world smiles with you!