Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Random "stuff" I like!!

LOVE these flats from SO comfy! Thanks , Rachel Talbott!!
I just love this purse! Has pockets on both sides and tons of room. Matches my shoes...color pop!!

This hand cream is made with Olive leaf extracts.  Cucina!
Before I put my make-up on, I use this little velcro bow to hold my bangs back. I bought this at the little Asian store!
This make-up is SO creamy and goes on easy. LOVE Chanel
Now for something I take EVERY day! Vit I need to say any more???

Random "stuff" I love......

Thursday, June 21, 2012

10 short/ easy Steps to Organic Gardening

 Step 1: Buy organic seeds or starter plants. 
I bought my seeds at Target, the plants are from Whole Foods OR buy them on line at these wonderful sites. (if you need above ground boxes,small growing boxes for on your deck, they have all sizes and shapes) or go to

Step 2: Buy organic potting soil for your starter  plants. Here are lettuce and carrots. 
Step 3: While your seedlings are growing get your garden area started. Organic soil or your own from composting.(I will blog how to compost later, easy AND I got mine for free!)

Step 4: 
 Amend the soil with organic Bone meal and Blood meal. Sprinkle it in and mix around. Water and let it settle for a few days.

Step 5:  Planting. 
Every year I rotate my planting, make sure you have a chart for next year. You can also research which plants grow best next to each other.
 I use hoops for the tomatoes, and trellises for vine plants. You can buy or make your own with twigs. I made a trellis for my pumpkins.(above,see it at the top?)
Step 6: As the plants grow make sure you weed!
Step 7: Do not use pesticides. Natural is the best. This is not organic....but helps with pests.
Here is a recipe -1 gallon of water
                            2 cups of Dawn soap
                            2 cups of plain listerine type mouthwash
                            1 tsp cayenne pepper
Mix together, put in a spray bottle.

Marigolds have a pungent odor that keeps insects at bay.
Step 8: Make sure you water A LOT!
Step 9:  Take off the dead leaves.The tomato

plants need a "hair cut" now and then. The stems with just leaves that don't have flowers can be cut back. They steal energy away from the whole plant. You can cut back on the zucchini plants too.
Step 10: Harvest!!
 Eat fresh organic veggies from the garden to the table. Cost is low and worth every penny!
Romaine lettuce

Green Pepper

Green Beans

I have two boxes in my back yard.
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Thursday, June 14, 2012

Ready , Set, SUMMER !!

Ready,Set,Go girls are doing a GREAT job with their board!!

Coffee filter colored with marker....


Made from :  fruit carton ,google eyes and pipe cleaners.
The board completed!

Kinder craft and writing sample.

Small paper plate , edges cut off, folded in half.

So much fun thinking of summer,sea and sand!!

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Saturday, June 9, 2012

3rd & 5th Grade Art Projects

Draw a heart and cut pieces of paper. Watch that they don't
cut their fingers!

              I am almost finished with the school year. Here are a few more "gems" to share with you.                                                                                                                                  
  These were done by 3rd and 5th grades. The 5th grade teacher was SO great sharing all her wonderful ideas.
    She was opening drawers and pulling out ideas for me to share. I can't wait to get more ideas for next year!

I LOVE the use of multiple colors and squiggly lines.

3rd grade name art

5th grade hand Art!!Hands of friendship.

"Stained glass" effect, 5th grade

DIY borders!!!

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Saturday, June 2, 2012

DIY Terrariums!

I was working near a store that specialized in making terrariums and I went every day during my lunch time. I was SO amazed and enamored by it all that I made a couple for myself and one for my daughter.
The first one I made had moss and beautiful little plants. I guess I didn't have it in the right place, it only lasted a month and then it died. This one below I made with succulents and it did well! 
It's still alive!
I collected little "things" to put inside it like, sticks, stones and a little dinosaur. I would find random things that had fallen off of trees and put it in my new little environment.

Home Depot had tons of little succulents.

I used the one in the front.
Sorry I don't know the name. Do you know it's name?

You have to use the tiniest plants. I could pull this one
apart and use it in 5 different places in my bowl. 

Moss and other low laying plants also work well!
Just use a bit of them or a lot. The fun thing is, there are NO rules.
Just make it the way that it pleases your senses.

I found several bowls at Target that you could choose from.
You can go with the open Jars.....OR

                           OR go with a closed jar. This will give you the effect of a tiny
                             rain forest! Make sure you water it, but not too much!

Add a touch here and there of rocks of all shapes,sizes and colors!

Happy Planting!!
Love Ya!