Friday, April 4, 2008

April brings great news!

I am so excited! I have a partner in writing the children's books. Her name is Janea Brown. She is a very talented writer.
We have written seven books altogether in the NOTEFRIENDS adventure series. We are having a great time telling the stories.
The NOTEFRIENDS are having interesting adventures flying back to tell history from their point of view!
My challenge now is to find a great illustrator that believes in the stories.
The stuffed NOTEFRIENDS prototype is finished. They were made by a very talented seamstress Gladys Anderson out of Ashford ,CT. They are ready to go to the manufactors.
So as you can hear lots is happening.
Hope to share more with you in the coming months.
Blessings to all

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Sheryl (Sherri) Crawford said...

Wow! Avah, your Note Friends look AWESOME! It was so nice speaking with you today at church. Don't quit! It took me 5 years to get a major publisher to pick up my first picture book! God has gifted you with so much creativity!
Sherri Crawford (visit my blog!)