Sunday, May 18, 2014

Sum…. sum…….Summer time crafts and art!

My favorite craft for the kiddos! Sponge Bob Square Pants!! This was for an after school project.
Just a fun project!!
 Summer time is coming! Easy watermelon with tissue paper seeds . Crush up the tissue paper into little seeds (balls) and glue on.
 Kinder Zoo scene, using black yarn and they can decorate the paper after they glue the animal on .

  Ee is for Eggs…….The eggs are made up of small pieces of tissue paper crushed into a little balls, and the glue white paper onto a paper plate.  (Kinder)
Students hand prints made into flowers in a pot for the door. This teacher had them on both doors.         SO SO adorable!!
 Butterflies. #1 Cut out butterfly shapes #2 Paints colors of the child's choice #3 Fold in half #4 Dry
#5 Glue pipe cleaners on.
                                         Spring flowers and bugs!!
             Transportation bulletin board. Buses, cars and trucks with children's faces in the windows!!

                                          Cute farm bulletin board.

    Nice unit on Bugs…they can choose what bug they want to make.
     Plus sing the Greg and Steve song,Buggy Woogie Boogie Woogie

Sea , Farm and jungle animals. (Kinder)

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