Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Kitty Pastel Drawing

 I am SO excited about the Kitty Pastel drawing that you can do so quick and easy.  It has beautiful colors and shapes. I will show you step by step what to do. Supplies you need are:
 pastel chalk,black pen,large sheet of white paper AND a open mind.
 1st : Place a black dot in the middle and up a bit and a dot on the two upper corners. (the dot is in the middle but it doesn't look like it here :(  

2nd : Draw a line from the middle to the upper dots.

3rd: NOW draw a big line from the two top dots,corner to corner.(Big smile)
4th: Starting at the middle dot, draw two "pod" looking shapes.(these will be the eyes)
5th: NOW Draw the eyes with the line in the middle!

6th: Make a triangle for the mouth

7th: draw a heart for the bottom of the nose above the triangle

8th: Draw a long triangle for the top of the nose, don't put the bottom line of the triangle.

9th: You can draw whiskers with just lines, curly,zig zig OR be creative, your choice!!
The last step is using the chalk.( you can make a neck with two lines if you have space) Make both ears the same color, cheeks the same color,the nose different colors and the background YET another color. Use the side of the chalk, not too dark, and when you have colored it in, use a tissue to wipe over the chalk and make the color look softer. ONLY color the eye "ball" part, keep the other part white. It really makes the eyes pop.
Children LOVE drawing this and totally smile over all the color. I hope you enjoyed this.
What do you think?????

Thanks for coming by!

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