Sunday, April 1, 2012

Happy April!!
 I LOVE to make bulletin boards at school. Some are simple boards and others take some time. I eat my lunch fast, and it gives me time to "decorate".The first board goes with the musical story of 
"Peter and the Wolf".
written by: Sergei Prokofiev

This board has the old house with the gate, the pond where the duck swims and the forest where the WOLF lives!

I cut everything out by hand,  it was loads of fun to do.

Winter Music board.

Winter board using the notes and symbols.
 The snow men  have different symbols on them. I put hearts in their hands to cover Valentines day too!  

 I give the student this treble clef paper.  I will collect them, or send them to the class room with the teacher to finish it. The teacher will bring the "best of the best" to me and I will show their work. This is a CLASSIC teacher board idea, using the students work.
This TREBLE clef paper is here on my blog. You can drag it to your desktop and print it out.

I teach a unit on AMERICAN MUSIC. General categories such as folk,patriotic,Country,Gospel,military,R&B.
It is alway great to have the symbols featured.
I teach the notes and symbols. I use this as a reinforcement to refer to. 

The different elements of music.
These words are KEY in teaching music.
(for example)When we sing songs I will point to the word Melody.

Thanks for coming. What do you think of the board ideas? Anything you think you would ever use?Share some of your ideas with me!
I hope these help in some small way.


Steve Finnell said...

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Katie Scanlan said...

Hi! I am a fellow music educator, and am looking for elementary music unit ideas. Would you be willing to share an outline of your "American Music" unit?