Saturday, June 2, 2012

DIY Terrariums!

I was working near a store that specialized in making terrariums and I went every day during my lunch time. I was SO amazed and enamored by it all that I made a couple for myself and one for my daughter.
The first one I made had moss and beautiful little plants. I guess I didn't have it in the right place, it only lasted a month and then it died. This one below I made with succulents and it did well! 
It's still alive!
I collected little "things" to put inside it like, sticks, stones and a little dinosaur. I would find random things that had fallen off of trees and put it in my new little environment.

Home Depot had tons of little succulents.

I used the one in the front.
Sorry I don't know the name. Do you know it's name?

You have to use the tiniest plants. I could pull this one
apart and use it in 5 different places in my bowl. 

Moss and other low laying plants also work well!
Just use a bit of them or a lot. The fun thing is, there are NO rules.
Just make it the way that it pleases your senses.

I found several bowls at Target that you could choose from.
You can go with the open Jars.....OR

                           OR go with a closed jar. This will give you the effect of a tiny
                             rain forest! Make sure you water it, but not too much!

Add a touch here and there of rocks of all shapes,sizes and colors!

Happy Planting!!
Love Ya!

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