Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Winterizing your garden! Part 1

I traveled to Michigan to visit family and went to my sister-in-law, Ann's  garden. She has the MOST amazing garden. She was my inspiration to start my two little box garden in Cali. 
Our growing climates are vastly different but some of the garden winterizing tips are the same. I will be posting about California winter gardening soon.

FIRST: you must clear out leaves. If you don't mice, rats, other rodents, and unwanted bug will hide in the leaves. You want to try to do this before its time for the snow and frozen ground .


                                 Lemon verbena -  the leaves can be cut and saved for tea.
Step 2: Cut back dead and overgrown branches. Above are the raspberry bushes. They need to be cut back in order to grow next year.

 It takes time and work to get everything cleaned up. Its a great time to think,get fresh air and exercise all at once! It looks good when your finished and your garden will be ready for next year.
A few days after this picture was taken the ground was covered with snow.
I am going to posting more garden winterizing tips...subscribe and you will get the post in your email!!

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