Monday, December 3, 2012

Winterizing your Garden Part 2- Last Harvest

     Its been a great season for fresh veggies, herbs and fruits. The season is over and now we harvest the last of our garden. In California I still have some herbs and other plants growing. In the colder climates as long as the ground isn't frozen you can still keep some plants.

Herbs still going strong, thyme, rosemary- prostrate and upright, verbena plant is in the center, chives, two types of parsley, sage (perennial)

                                                               Carrots don't mind the chill! They get sweeter in the cold. Keep growing until the ground freezes.
                             Yummy Arugula, grown from seed and comes up every year.

Celery....The white tubes are used to blanch the celery. Protects the celery from too much sun.
               For California growers a good winter crop.

Garlic is planted in the fall.

Happy Gardening!

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