Saturday, May 26, 2012

LOVIN' the SOUTH WEST,Kid style

 My good friend was not feeling well and asked me to take over her class for the day.
It was such a great day....we had a Mother's day brunch(YUM) and she had amazing art pieces all over her room. Her students were a joy to be around too!!
 Here are a few,PLUS some other goodies from another class I visited.
1st grade water color and crayon.

Totem Poles colored and rolled up,"animal" skins from paper bags crumpled and crayon drawings, and teepee tents
made with beans put on an outline.
Kinder and 1st grade projects.
                                                                       Nice Bulletin board!

Bulletin board with little cowboys and cowgirls,cactus,
and critters found in the desert. 

Weaving! You can do this in 2nd and 3rd grades.

Thanks for coming by!

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