Saturday, December 29, 2012

Winterizing your Garden- Part 3- final touches until spring.

Winter is in full swing.
Get your garden soil ready for next spring.
Get your catalogs out for next years planting. Some catalog suggestions below.
 Watch out for heavy lifting...use a gator or wheel barrel to move heavy objects, soil and garden supplies.

      Bring inside the potted plants, keep them in warm temps and water, so you can put them back out in Spring.
      For California growers you can bring the plants close to the house to avoid the occasional frost.   Plant broccoli, carrots, cauliflower,spinach,cabbage, bok choy, peas and lettuce for your winter garden.You will want to start your winter garden in Sept.- Nov. There is no hard fast rule, sometimes gardening is trial and error.  I didn't plant one this year because I traveled during December.
       I am enlarging my garden for this coming season. I want to put in two more above ground boxes. I am planning the layout and rotations now. I'm going to  scan the catalogs to try something new or different varieties.
      Protect the roses from the roots coming up because the ground heaves.  Put a barrier around the plant and put dirt inside. When the ground freezes then warms up the roots will come up or heave, then the roots will get mushy and disease can come in. This will insulate the roots.
 Cover the holly because it is edible and deer and other animals will  munch.
 Don't cut back the tree peony it will turn back to a bush if you do. Let it dry and buds will form for the Spring. It will grow big and beautiful.

 My sister in law planted these. Next year I may try planting beans too!

 Dry beans on a rack, keep moving them around and pick through them to get out the unwanted ones.
Growing beans are SO rewarding. You can use in soups on cold winter days.

Some great catalogs for seeds 2013 are Territorial Seed Company, The Cook's Garden for seeds and plants, Burpee, AND Gardeners Supply. 
Happy planting!!! Thanks to my sister in law Ann, for all her hard work, planning, teaching and inspiring me to love gardening.

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