Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Music class-boards and art work!

                NOTEFRIENDS- Fun way to learn music notes.
                                         Easy and neat looking wall decoration.
 Music tree,snow men with TA TA TEE TEE TA,(snow man that is full is "TA" and cut in half is "TEE TEE" or quarter -quarter- eighth/eighth- quarter : rhythms), instruments, and the boarders are made at school.

 Children can write a report about Picasso, and cut out the musicians and the instruments, just like Picasso's art. They decorated with music paper behind it.

So great!!

The complete bulletin board.

An easy wall design with music posters you can buy. Colorful paper behind and it takes up a complete wall!!
Hope you got some fun ideas!! 
Stay healthy! Sayonara :)

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