Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Winter Wonderland-Fun crafts and board ideas!

Winter Wonderland time!
Cold, snow,scarves, hot coco, snowmen, snowflakes and ice skating!
Enjoy .....

Easy to do, cut out white squares, one black one for the eye,rectangles for the mouth and carrot nose!

Snow girl with tissue paper backing. Do the background first then put the snow girl or boy on next.
Arms are black straws. Use a hole punch to make colorful buttons and black eyes and mouth.

Lets count! A mug with a number at the top. Kinder will paste the number of marshmallows that match.  Makes me want a hot cup of coco!

 Penguins with an icy background and snow person on a paper plate. Close up of the pictures below will help you copy the art.

                     Popsicle stick snowflakes. Paint them, add sparkle and glue.
                                                 Simple, good for all ages.
                                                        LET IT SNOW!
             Color the background, paint black tree and white paint splattering.

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Sarah Dahl said...

Very cute crafts! Thank you so much for sharing!