Friday, April 27, 2012

Hi ya'll,
I am SO impressed with this next "set" of photos of art work and bulletin board ideas. I was especially moved by the way the teachers have motivated their student to be so creative! The school district, LAUSD that I work in has MANY problems, BUT when I listen to teachers talk about their classes and students, I am amazed. The teachers put their own money,extra time,effort,love and expertise into their jobs daily. I have not come across one teacher who is not totally dedicated to the children.  They ALL  REALLY care about  our  children. I can't help but  feel proud to be a part , in some small way, of LAUSD.
Many "Kudos" to you all. Thanks for letting me show your work!

 Kinder painting...they price them for parents,LOL.
3rd,  LOVE how these turned out!

This is the MOST amazing math project for 2nd grade. Put the multiplication problem in the mouth and the answer comes out the bottom. This teacher had a hard time with math as a child and really understands the students. She found this fun way to teach her students. (there is a construction paper inside that lets the card slide down)

Kinder , What's inside your body.

 Teachers do a complete unit on "Discover the Ocean".

Chinese dragons, can you believe this is from Kinder!!! and watch some of my music  lessons on You Tube!!
I have so many examples that I couldn't fit them all in this blog. Keep coming back because I have more coming later.

Have a GREAT weekend!

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