Monday, April 16, 2012


Board ideas and crafts!
I can't believe how many wonderful teachers there are at LAUSD. They have let me in their
wonderful rooms to show "YOU all" some of the hard work they have been doing with their students.

The teacher told me he does a summer , winter , spring and fall craft using the tree theme.(KDG)

Cool frogs~~
Reading Rainbow, as they read they climb the rainbow.

This teacher told me Kdg. LOVE cutting pieces and gluing them down into a SPRING scene

 Seeds!! Planting!!! Growing!!!

The leaves will turn into the color of the water.
The teacher told me this is an OLD thing teachers
do. Children LOVE watching the celery turn colors.

LOVING my job!Enjoy Spring. Visit my Pinterest  AND You Tube channel!!/NOTEFRIENDS

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