Wednesday, April 11, 2012

 Happy Day everyone!!!
 I did music in some classes this week because it was raining. I LOVE going to the rooms because I get to see where the children and teachers "live". Look at some of these beautiful crafts and boards . They  are from Kinder-3rd.
Two new & different ways to teach
hundreds,tens and ones!
One of the teachers I have know for MANY years. Joyce was my daughter Rachel's teacher when she was in 4th grade. She is now a kinder teacher and everyone raves at how WONDERFUL she is. You can judge by looking at some of the boards and crafts in her room. ENJOY!!(I have the teachers permission to use)
Treasures is the CA new reading book series.

Butterflies from Joyce's room

Joyce also has Spring fever!! Love her frogs and bugs!

They read a book and did a water color
about the story. Monet inspired!
Great job!

Word Wall 3rd.
Contractions in a fun way! 1st grade

Our families and our neighbors.
Word Wall Kdg.

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