Tuesday, April 24, 2012

April showers bring May flowers!
Teachers are preparing for open house. SO ...I have some really great boards and art pieces this week!

Inspired by "Sunflowers"  Vincent Van Gogh, 2nd grade

This door decor was done by the schools  "Ready
Set Go" before school program. These ladies are going
to school to be teachers! They REALLY go the extra
mile to do crafts and boards for the children!

Graphing, Who is afraid of bugs???Lady Bug Glyph.
"Have you ever caught a ladybug?"
Two different ways to do the glyph!

Teaching bugs!! Contraction Caterpillars. 1st grade

Such a creative board. The class will be visiting the tide pools on their next field trip!

Earth day project! 4th grade
California 4th grade Missions project. The report....

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