Sunday, July 1, 2012

Healthy Living--Blogging in 5 Days-5 Ways: Food we eat

DAY #1
The foods we eat every day!
            Try fresh  ORGANIC  clean foods.

I know organic can be expensive. I have found ways around that. I have my own organic garden(take a look back at my blog about it). I shop at Trader Joe's for most of my organic foods and veggies, and what I don't get there, I get at Whole Foods. The crazy thing is that I sometimes go to the 99 Cents store and find organic veggies! 

My MOST,MOST, favorite place to get organic and non pesticide veggies................................

Some local farmers are organic but can't call themselves that for 7-8 years until they are certified. Their prices will be lower than the certified organic. 
I adore the culture of the Farmers Market shopper too. You will find interesting people shopping next to you!

 *Try to not eat as much "drive thru" foods.
* When you go to the regular grocery store, shop the perimeter of the store you will find less junk and chemically laden foods. 
*Eat grass fed meats and cage free eggs.
 I hope this encourages you to eat healthy, clean and fresh!

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