Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Healthy Living- Blogging 5 Days - 5 Ways Day #3: Vitamins



                            DAY #3
             Vitamins and Supplements!

You can get a lot of you vitamins by just eating healthy foods. Even if we do eat all the right foods we would still need a good Multi-vitamin.  We may also need to take extra supplements for our other health concerns. I am not a Doctor and these are only suggestions. 
I take:
Muli with tons of good stuff!
Vit C-great antioxidant, more when I feel a cold coming,citrus
Calcium/Magnesium/Zine- minerals(mag is good for regularity) all in one tablet
Potassium- eat bananas for that too
Ginkgo Biloba-for my memory,fish oil good too
Flax Seed Oil-Omaga 3 ,you can use fish oil too
Glucosamine/Chondroitin complex-for joints
Vitimin D3-more in the winter when there is little sun
Resveratrol-heart(found in red wine!)
Yin Chio or Echinacea when I feel a cold coming on.
Melatonin - to help me sleep. I only take a half and it works great!
Take with plenty of pure water!
Get plenty of sleep
Eating healthy,sleep,watching the stress levels, and a positive attitude all help with a healthy lifestyle.
Have an optimistic attitude.
Tips for an optimistic outlook(something I REALLY have to work on!)
Develop a genuine smile
Compliment others
Treat difficulties as challenges
Decide to be happy
Pay it forward
Be Thankful
Hug someone!
Do something nice for someone else!

Thanks for coming by! Come back tomorrow for Healthy living Day #4

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