Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Healthy Living- Blogging 5 Days- 5 Ways Day #4 : Cosmetics

The lurking Dangers.  Day #4

Yes, believe it or not...the cosmetics,hair spray,sunscreens, lotions,shampoos,creams,lipsticks,blush,nail polish,
shadows,mascara.........all have toxic chemicals. 
They have paraben, pesticides,DTT,petrochemicals,sodium laureth / lauryl sulfate, propylene glycol, polyethylen glycol, PEGS,PGS,Formaldehyde,synthetic dyes, artificial fragrances, and many more that I can barely pronounce!
All of these toxins go into our bodies. Some research suggests that all of the chemicals we put on our bodies lead to cancer and other ailments.

I am trying to get away from this toxic cosmetics. I am half way there. I started slow, choosing less toxic cosmetics.
 The scale goes like this:
                                      Conventional Cosmetics
                                      Naturally inspired
                                      Pure Natural
                                      Organic (certified)

I have a list of some cosmetic companies that range from the organic to the Naturally inspired. 

Burt's Bees-Target-$$
Alba Botanica-Organic$$
Ava Anderson-organic- on line $$$
Ecco Bella- organic - Whole Foods $$$
Origins-organic- Macy's $$$
Jason - Organic- Whole Foods $$
Lush- stand alone stores $$$
Bare Minerals- stand alone stores , Macy's $$$
Zosimos Botanicals-organic,Vegan, on line $$
100 Percent Pure-Beauty Collection(LA) $$
Josie Maran-Organic, Sephora $$$
Koh Gen D- Sephora $$$
Physicians Formula- Local Pharmacy,not premium,$
Jane Iredale-Bloomingdales $$$$
Rejuva Minerals - $$$
Dr.Bronner-Organic- $$$$
L'Occitane-Some products $$$$
Jurlique-Some department store $$$$(love this)
Mac- Some products natural- Nordstrom

Many are cruelty free and vegan. There are many more companies. So glad the cosmetic industry is moving in this direction! 
Bloomingdale'sBeauty Collection


Rite Aid Pharmacy - With Us, Its Personal.

Take a look at Days 1-5. I learned SO much about Healthy Living. NOW I want to try to put them into practice! Good luck !

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