Wednesday, July 18, 2012

The Busy Classroom!

 I enjoy decorating my room with tons of art work, classwork, and enrichment bulletin boards.
We made the EARTH out of balloons, paper, flour and water. Then we painted them. I had a parent help.

      Paper chains help for keeping track of our hundred days.
I also use paper plate crafts. The one you see above, is the SUN!!

      Students collect fake money for good behavior, good deeds, great papers, listening, and through many other ways. Then they can go to the class store and "buy" something. This helps 1st graders with using coins and money. Parents donated what students buy. They get excited to buy something before recess every day!

Bulletin boards can focus on the best papers of math, spelling or writing works. I change them out to the most recent work weekly. At the bottom of the board are tissue flowers.
 We take a field trip to the tide pools. Students made crabs out of paper plates, star fish with cheerios on them and put them on our board that had sand glued on it.  They had a blast making this board. I have shells on the book shelf, they can hear the ocean with the conch shell . After our field trip we put pictures of the students with their parent or guardian who came with them!
 We studied homes of people and animals then each student made their own home. We put them on the white board and drew a street in front of the houses.
This Board had measurements on it. Above, watercolor paintings.

Yes...this room is VERY busy, I cover every inch.
School starts early this year, August 14.
Hope you have a restful summer and enjoy each day as a gift !
I count my blessings and am thankful for so much.

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